BeerTastings/ Bierverkostungen


Reservations for BeerTastings accepted just 2 days in advance.

Do you know the difference between an Ale, Lager, Stout, Porter, Gose, Gueuze, IPA, Pale Ales, Saisons,...?
NO? Then book a Beer Tasting with us!

We will explain you the difference between commercial and craft beers, how beer is brewed and how to taste beer. Your guide will shed light on the brewing traditions that create such a wide and rich variety of beer styles. We are proud to offer you our continuously changing keg beers, sourced from the finest, independent European Micro-Breweries. Have fun and saturate your senses.

A tasting takes around 90 min, the latest sessions possible is at 19:30. A minimum of 5 ppl. is required. We taste 7 different styles. Price: €19/ pp. Maximum group size for a regular tasting is 15 ppl, although a semi-tasting can be organised for groups over this size.

Tastings are possible in German, English, Italian.