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Pub Quiz

RIBAUN-QUIZ: What's new and important:


* The Appointment: Every Wednesday, at 19:00 O 'Clock.

*The Language: Questions asked in both English and German.

*Teams: A maximum of six players per team, cost is 1 euro per player.  

* The Jackpot Rules: either the jackpot is cracked (20 out of 20 questions correctly) or the joker pot is 5 % of the jackpot is a lottery. 

* The Prizes: The winning team gets a 30 Euro Tribaun Voucher. For the 2nd AND 3rd place, as usual, a round of 10cl Beer for the Teams.

* The Questions: Newly designed bonus round. Otherwise, all the same: 20 questions including pictures round, quiz league starts at zero,

CA. 90 minutes.


Homemade, Made to Order Pizza also available every Wednesday.



fresh, hot & homemade from scratch

Margherita                €6.60

Tomaten, Mozzarella


Pomodori secchi            €7.30

Tomaten, Mozzarella, getrocknete Tomaten (sundried tomatoes), Basilikum (fresh basil)


Prosciutto                €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Schinken (Ham)


Prosciutto-Funghi            €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Schinken (Ham), Pilze (Mushrooms)


Salami                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Salami


Salami piccante            €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Salami (spicy salami)


Diavola                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Salsiccia piccante (spicy salami), Paprika (peppers), rote Zwiebel (red onion) Pfefferoni (hot pickled peppers)


Capricciosa                €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Schinken (Ham), Pilze (Mushrooms), Artischocken (artichokes)


Siciliana                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Sardellen (anchovies), Oliven (olives), Kapern (capers)



Siciliana con Prosciutto    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Sardellen (anchovies), Oliven (olives), Kapern (capers), Schinken (ham)


Tonno (e cipolle)            €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Tunfisch (tuna) (wahlweise mit oder ohne rote Zwiebel) (with or without red onions)


Vegetariana                €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Paprika (peppers), Artischocken (artichokes), Pilze (Mushrooms), getrocknete Tomaten (sundried tomatoes) (wahlweise mit oder ohne Ruccola) (with or without rocket leaves)


Tonno e verdure            €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Paprika (peppers), Artischocken (artichokes), Pilze (Mushrooms), getrocknete Tomaten (sundried tomatoes), Tunfisch (tuna)


Gigante                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Schinken (ham), Salami, Artischocken (artichokes), Pilze (mushrooms), Paprika (peppers)


Tribaun                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Sardellen (anchovies), frische geriebene Zitronenschale (fresh lemon zest)


Misho                    €7.80

Tomaten, Mozzarella, Tunfisch (tuna), Pilze (mushroom), rote Zwiebel (red onion), Gorgonzola


Oder:                     €8.80

… Stellen Sie ihre eigene Pizza mit unseren Zutaten zusammen!


… create your own Pizza with our toppings!


Natürlich ist auch Mezzo/Mezzo möglich!

Of course half/half is no problem!

Earlier Event: April 23
Later Event: April 30