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Wit Happened?! A Beer Presentation.

  • Tribaun 14 Museumstraße Innsbruck, Tirol, 6020 Austria (map)

Wit Happened?!...A Story of Freedom... A Story of 500 Years. 
Reinheitsgebot....a story of supporting a brewing culture where the absolute rejection of variety, is a weight-bearing principle.

Consumer´s taste adapts itself more and more to the offering of the beverage industry. They tend to limit consumption more and more on a few basic flavors and reject complexity. Serial production is cheaper, so it's definitely in the industrial breweries interest to maintain this rule and lobby for it as a quality seal, which it´s not. 

We fight against this and want to inform, arouse curiosity, awaken senses and refine the consumer´s perception.

That´s why we made Wit Happened, and that´s what craft is all about. It should be clear that brewer should be able to use any natural and not health damaging ingredient for their beer like all other food and alcohol producers - no matter what. 

So one day Christopher (Bierol) and Robby (Tribaun) decided to honour this way of thinking by brewing a typical Belgian beer style: A Witbier. An ale brewed with coriander, lemon peels, black pepper, timut pepper and hibiscus, ohhh, and yess, hops, malt, water & yeast.

We want to celebrate this idea with you, by pouring this one shot beer, Friday the 6.05.16 simultaneously at the following locations: Pizzerei, Pangea, Machete, Wäscherei, Tribaun at 19 0´clock local Innsbruck Time. 

Join us and experiment with taste...