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Crew Repulic - Detox Special Offer!!

  • Tribaun 5 Museumstraße Innsbruck, Tirol, 6020 Austria (map)

We STILL have a surplus of the wonderful Detox Session IPA from Crew Republic so we have reduced the price by 25%! So now instead of €3,20 for a 33cl bottle, it's only €2,40. As the CREW say themselves crack it open when the weather is Sunny and the Grill is on!


The Brewery - Crew Republic

'Crew Republic stands for honest, craft brewed beer of extraordinary flavor. We are constantly on the look out for the best hop varieties in the world and creating new recipes. A refuge for all those who aren't satisfied with the “standardized beer”.  We brew what we like and we only bottle what's perfect. Yes, that means we break with the tradition and no, we aren't always popular. Our beer isn't for everybody. There's enough run-of-the-mill beer as it is.  Join the Revolution! Craft Beer is not a Crime!'


The Beer - Detox Session IPA 

'Is it time to Detox? Detox is a Session India Pale Ale and boasts a big hop aroma that satisfies ones need for a hop fix!!! Our idea of a session beer means that it’s a lower alcohol version of one of our favorite beer styles without having to compromise on flavor. This unfiltered light gold colored elixir has a much lighter body and less bitterness than its big brother counterpart, however delivers the entire hop experienc I e one expects from an IPA.
The two main hops in this beer are Comet from the Hallertau and Galaxy from Australia. The fruity aromas in these two hops compliment one another very well and we even used a new hopping technique for the first time in Detox.' 

Hops - Chinook, Comet & Galaxy 

Malts - Pilsner Malts, Crystal Malts & Munich Malts